Aligning creativity with strategy

Design can be transformational, but only when the creative vision and business strategy are seamlessly aligned. Companies should look internally at the culture, DNA and capabilities of the brand while also understanding the broader, external context.

Crafting end-to-end experiences

Brand expression is no longer just about what a company says; it’s also about what it does and how it makes the customer feel. In fact, for many of today’s most innovative and up-and-coming brands, it’s the experience that is driving growth and differentiation. These companies are harnessing the power of design to craft experiences that immerse customers in a bigger, emotionally centered idea — an idea reinforced at every stage of the customer journey.

Design is to business what evolution is to nature.

Creating space for joy and seduction

In today’s always-on world, consumers are confronted daily with an overload of information. Most businesses are already using design to help consumers make sense of this chaotic landscape with intuitive interfaces, simplified messages and streamlined experiences. Yet simplification alone is not enough. Design must create space for joy and seduction.

Design is to business what evolution is to nature: it enables brands to change and survive. It is becoming less a visual strategy than a means of facilitating continuous dialogue and building emotional connections in a complex world. And with it, opening up infinite opportunities for businesses. The best design today embraces this new reality. It creates experiences steeped in the business strategy. It celebrates the new and the unexpected. And it adapts to maintain relevance and vitality in a time where change is the only constant.

“You bring rigor and discipline to the design process, combined with your natural fluency in color, proportion, and organization makes you a valuable partner. Your collaborative approach and willingness to engage appropriate teams to develop the best solution is a great example of teamwork.”
Clint Sever
Chief Product Officer, Cue
“I have come to know Amit as a brilliant thinker and challenger of the Status Quo. His work style is very reflective and communicative, and he always brings up new ways of viewing and solving complex problem statements. He has a great sense of humor, which energizes his colleagues and collaborators intensely.
Michael McKay
Senior Director, Yahoo & Amazon
“I have had the pleasure to work with Amit on a couple projects. He is very thorough in his analysis of the problems to solve and comes up with original and beautiful concepts. Most of all he is a passionate designer who believes in delivering the best products that can be and will stop at nothing to get it done.
Sophie Dufresne
Lead UX Designer, Yahoo